About Jeremy Silber

I’m a Senior Solution Architect specializing in the Microsoft Productivity space.  In a nutshell, I develop technical solutions to solve real-world business problems.  What’s that mean…well, currently it means all things Office 365: Skype for Business, Exchange, Teams, OneDrive for Business, etc…  Wait a few years and I’m sure the definition will change though.  I’ve been in the IT industry for over fifteen years, and have spent this time getting my hands dirty in the architecture, design and implementation of some pretty cool Microsoft solutions.

As a Solution Architect, I function primarily as an IT Business Analyst. Working with business stake holders to identify immediate and future requirements, mapping the current state to a desired future state.  I’ve worked with clients of every size, ranging from Mom and Pop shops with just a handful of employees, to Fortune 100’s in the tens of thousands of employees.

For the past decade or so I’ve focused heavily on the Unified Communications sector.  More specifically, Skype for Business Enterprise Voice and Microsoft Exchange.  This blog is all about my experiences and discoveries in the field.  Working in the Productivity and UC space, I get exposed to all sorts of unique environments.  No two clients are ever the same, and no two deployments are ever alike.

I currently reside in the Greater Cincinnati area, have a wife, 2 sons and a dog.  I enjoy spending time with my family and experiencing life around me.  My adventurous spirit gets me involved in many outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, snowboarding, surfing and triathlon racing.  In my spare time I also volunteer as a Firefighter and EMT.


This is a personal blog.  The thoughts and content posted here are those of mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect those of any organization I may be employed by or any organization I may belong to.

I do reserve the right to have my thoughts and opinions influenced and swayed by peers, colleagues, subject matter experts, technical white papers, other blogs and my state of consciousness at the time of writing.  Which means, I reserve the right to change my thoughts, opinions and findings at any time in the future.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been wrong in the past, and will be wrong again in the future.  I am after all human right?  I encourage any and all readers to comment, discuss and challenge anything you find written in this blog.  If I am in error, feel free to submit a “fan correction” and I will be sure to get to the bottom of it.